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A $250 non-refundable* deposit is required to reserve your puppy. Picks of the litter will be in the order that deposits are received. The stud owner was paid a fee, so all puppies will be available for this litter.


Picks can be made at any time after the litter is born, but families will be asked to make their picks at five weeks. You will receive an e-mail when it's your turn.


Please feel free to schedule a visit to see the puppies to help you choose. If you live outside the Denver Metro area, we can also arrange a video call to see the puppies. Please check the gallery to see which puppies are available and which have been chosen.

Payments can be made with cash, PayPal,

or via an app (Venmo or Zelle only).

No checks accepted.

The remaining balance is due before you pick up your puppy.


Puppies can be sent anywhere in the contiguous United States. We do not ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or other countries.


The buyer is responsible for:

  • Transportation Arrangements - for safety reasons, we recommend your puppy travel via ground transportation. If you choose to send your puppy via air, flights must be arranged out of Denver International Airport (DIA).

  • Shipper-approved crate - we can purchase a crate for you or you may purchase online and ship to us. Please make sure to check the food and water requirements for your transporter. We will provide the required amount of food.

  • Shipping risks - shipping puppies via ground or air can result in stress for the animal. Dog-a-doodle-do does not issue refunds for puppies that do not survive the trip to their destination.



1. A deposit is made before birth of the litter, and no litter is produced.


2. Your selection spot is higher than the number of puppies in the litter, you have the option of a full refund or a higher spot for the next litter. We breed Klaus Hargreeves every other cycle, so you would be looking at a year for the next litter. We never breed for consecutive cycles



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